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I found this article today online in the British Telegraph. It reports that a group in the UK are about to start a lottery, where a twenty pound ticket may win you GBP25000 (about AUD$37500 at today’s conversion rate) of fertility treatments: IVF, donor eggs/sperm, and even surrogacy. According to the article, it also includes extras such as hotel accommodation, mobile phone and chauffeur trips.

Wow. I can only imagine the stress and anxiety that infertility causes, and by all accounts, it is a very expensive process.

But I can’t help but think that all this does is add to the cycle of anticipation, hope and despair that couples go through with fertility treatment. For the families that do win, I’m sure it will be a fantastic opportunity and one that could give them what they desperately want and need. But for the vast majority of people who enter the lottery, it will be another anxiety in their life, another build up of hope that will ultimately crash down. And like all forms of gambling, it can easily get out of control, financially and emotionally.

Gambling on a prize as emotive and personal as this, in my view, is wrong.

What do you think?

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